Frequently asked questions

What exactly do I get with the All-in-One DJ Service?

Once you book your event, you’ll be able to log into an exclusive area where you can edit your own information about your event, such as your contact info, add photos, enter guest info and even browse and select all your music and requests ahead of time! You will also have access to all the information, such as lists of top 100 songs for weddings, etc.  Dean will have at least one, in-person consultation with you to go over every detail and to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting, leaving no ‘bad’ surprises. He can help you with any decisions you need to make such as first dance songs and how the evening may go.

Dean has excellent connections through CEP (Canadian Event Professionals) and can refer any number of other entertainers or rentals you may need for your event, everything from game shows, fun casinos and hypnotists, to rentals of table cloths or projectors and more! Dean will also make arrangements with you and the venue to ensure your setup for his services will be in the ideal place for all.

On the day of your event, Dean will arrive on time for setup and always dressed to match your theme before your first guests arrive. Cocktail and dinner music will be ready to go, playing anything you desire. From the time your event starts until the dance does, Dean will provide wireless mic use for your mc(s), or will make any announcements you may need himself.  From there, you decide when you want things to happen, such as speeches, cake cutting, etc. Dean will even provide an audio hookup for any slide shows or presentation you may have. Dean is very flexible and will allow your evening to flow the way you want, but can add his professional advice and experience to ensure your timeline works for all those attending. Once it starts, your dance will last up to four hours or until 1am, whichever comes first. Any OT can be added before or during your event for an hourly cash cost.

The all-in-one DJ package includes two QSC K12, 1000 watt powered speakers and one QSC dual 12? 1000 watt subwoofer (if desired). The sound will fill any room up to a large hall for up to 500 people. If you require even more sound for more people, Dean has access to more quality speakers! Dean will make the magic happen with his Pioneer DDJ-SX2 mixing console, Macbook laptops and solid state hard drives (always two laptops and three hard drives filled with music for backup). Dean loves to play requests which can be made ahead of time by yourself or, if you desire, your guests, plus during your event at any time.  Dean will mix requests in with his personal selections that will ensure a fun and full dance floor.  Dean can easily adapt to your style, talking to the crowd either very little, a lot, or somewhere in the middle, and can direct the crowd and play games with them at anytime.  Every event will also feature, if desired, a state of the art, multi-LED wireless lighting system from Chauvet, called GigBar, which gives more fun lighting than most DJ’s basic packages. You can see an example of GigBar in action here. It can do pretty much anything, from basic, slower flood lighting effects, to full on strobe and laser effects and will fill almost any size room! Every package also includes, without any upgrade costs to you, a 12? mirror ball with two led pin spots! Dean believes this classic mirror ball effect cannot be duplicated with any led lighting and is an essential part of every party, to use for slow dance songs and fast, fun ones.

After your event is over, tear down time won’t last more than an hour, usually 30 mins., and definitely won’t leave a mess.  The only thing he’ll leave behind will be your fantastic memories of a special time.  Dean believes it’s his job to be the “glue” that holds your entire event together, from start to finish, making sure all goes according to plan. He will work hard for you and ensure everyone has one of the most amazing times of their lives.

What if I want more? Can I add more sound and lights?

Of course! Dean’s contacts with CEP give him the ability to add pretty much anything you’d want, for a price. If you can think of it, let’s get it for you!

What exactly do I get with the photo booth service?

The photobooth you see on the Services page is the one you’ll get to use for 3 hours, which can be split up over your event. For eg. You can open it for one hour during cocktails, close it during dinner and speeches, then re-open it for 2 hours. If you book the photobooth as a combo with the DJ Services, saving money, you  get it for 4 hours! Both options, you’ll have a personal host guiding guests on how to use it, as well as helping with the area, keeping it tidy. You’ll have access to a number of fun costume and novelty items to use for your photos. You can choose to have a closed curtain style, which fits up to 3 people or have an open concept (should be facing a blank wall or curtain) where you can fit larger groups. On the outside of the booth there’s a 21″ monitor for you and your guests to see samples of all the pics you’re taking. There’s also custom colored LED lights on the booth!  The software that runs inside has many options we can customize ahead of the event, such as picture layout, color, and name and date captioning. Each event is allowed as many pics as you want during your allotted times. Each photo will print out right away for you and your guests to take. Once the booth closes, you’ll receive a usb drive with a digital copy of all pics as a lifetime keepsake!

Are you licensed and insured?

Of course! We’re a professional, registered business with the Province of Alberta and have Canadian & City of Edmonton business numbers. We’re commercially insured up to $2 million liability.

Are you a member of any DJ associations?

Yes, we belong to 2 of them which bring YOU even more options! First, as a member of CEP, the Alberta Association of Mobile Entertainers, we have many contacts that are not just DJ’s. There are many fun options which we can make available and refer to you, such as decorations, magicians, comedians, hypnotists, fun money casinos, game shows, karaoke, video/projectors, plus even photographers and limos! Being a full member also lets us have a backup of pretty much anything, from mic stands to speakers, ensuring you’re always covered.

What is your “dj style”/etiquette/dress?

Dean is a versatile guy and can dress up or down for any event. He is always professional but has tons of fun with his guests, interacting as much or little as you need. Dean can be any type of DJ as well, making sure the party is always at the right feel and pace. Some DJ’s out there like to over-scratch and play sfx like horns, as well as playing remixes of every song, making your event into an unwelcome nightclub atmosphere. Dean can beatmix and have fun but you’ll never feel his mixing is out of place for your event. Dean usually plays all the original mixes, the versions we all love from the past to today!

What are the legal requirements for playing music in a public or private event?

As a member of CEP, Dean, as well as the majority of DJ’s out there, believes it is the venue’s obligation to be licensed with performing rights of copyrighted materials through SOCAN.  All the music Dean plays has been purchased legally.

Can I supply music for my event? Can I request songs or make a playlist ahead of time?

As long as the quality is high, we can play most anything you want, especially if it’s a first dance or something important to you. Dean won’t deny requests to play songs he may not have during the event either. He can download pretty much anything needed right on the spot (with venue supplied wifi). When we meet for our in person consultation to go over every detail of your event, one of the most important things to go over is your music preferences. What you like, what you don’t, what can never be played, what your guests will like, etc.  You can list all of this, and help make your playlist ahead of time, anything from genres to specific must have songs.

Can we meet in person?

Dean wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, it’s very important to meet in person and go over all details so nothing ends up as an unpleasant surprise. Dean would also prefer to go to your venue ahead of time to work out all the details such as placement of dj table, power needs etc.

Will I receive a written contract?

Absolutely. Once you book, you’ll receive a paper contract via email with details of services, dates, amount owing and all contractual requirements expected by both parties. You’ll receive a final version once paid in full as well.

How much is due at time of booking?

All bookings are not considered official until a reservation fee of one half of the total cost of the event is received.  You will have 14 days from the time you receive the contract to pay the booking fee.  

When is the full amount due?

The remaining balance must be paid on the day of your event prior to our negotiated start time.

What type of payments are accepted? Who do I make the cheque out to?

Payments accepted are cash, certified cheque, Visa, Mastercard, or e-transfer.  Please make all cheques or money orders payable to “Dean Vince DJ + Imaging”.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

 In the event that you have to cancel your function, your reservation fee will be retained.  If you cancel your function within ninety (90) days or less, you or your organization will be required to pay the balance in full.  For these reasons we strongly suggest that you contact us as soon as possible if you have to cancel or postpone for any reason.

What does the DJ need from me besides final payment on the day of the event?

Access to the designated facility at least two hours prior to the scheduled start time.

At least four (4) separate 15 amp, 110 volt, grounded AC outlets within 25 feet of the designated playing area.  You or your organization will be responsible for any costs incurred to meet these power needs.

A performance area of at least 8 feet by 12 feet furnished with at least one 6 or 8 foot table and one chair is required.

What happens if the start of the dance is delayed? 

Dance time is 4 hours or until 1am, whichever comes first. The client accepts responsibility for any delays to the scheduled playing time (refer to contract).  Delays, interruptions, and/or breaks cannot be applied to extend the scheduled playing time. 

What about overtime?

Overtime can be applied anytime before one half hour to the end of the event time.  Overtime rate is $150/hr cash only.

What happens if a piece of the dj’s equipment breaks down and can no longer function?

Again, being a member of CEP is a very great advantage in the unlikely case of equipment malfunction. Dean brings two powered speakers to all events, and if one goes down, the other is certainly able to cover the event on its own. However, if needed, Dean can arrange swift drop off of any equipment such as speakers, mics, stands, etc. through his CEP contacts.

What happens if any equipment gets damaged or I or my guests get injured?

In the event that you or your guests willfully or accidentally damage any of the equipment or vehicles provided by Dean Vince DJ + Imaging, you and/or your organization will be responsible for all costs incurred in replacing or repairing this equipment.  In the event of any damage during equipment rental, client is responsible for 100% of the replacement cost of said equipment within 7 days of the end of the rental.  The entertainer reserves the right to discontinue the performance if it is believed either he/she or the equipment is in danger.  Dean Vince DJ + Imaging assumes no liability for injuries to the client or guests during the provision of our services.

What happens if an emergency occurs and the DJ cannot make it?

In case the function is rendered impossible due to the interruption or delay of transportation services, or any cause beyond the control of Dean Vince DJ + Imaging, Dean Vince DJ + Imaging will make all reasonable attempts to send a replacement entertainer or will refund your reservation fee in full.

This is a pretty comprehensive FAQ page but if you can think of anything else you need answered, don’t hesitate to contact Dean! We look forward to your event!!

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